Why is this so? Have you ever wondered how much time and money it takes to hire a good electrician who has the appropriate competences to work in your company? If not, I am in a hurry to explain this seemingly simple, yet difficult, expensive and sometimes very expensive matter, which is hiring a new electrician for your company.

Before I present you with all the possible costs and time you need to hire your employee, you first need to choose the way in which a new electrician will be found for work. We have several ways here.

Independent attempt to hire an electrician

The first is an independent way and here we can ask our current employees about our fellow electricians. We can also advertise on popular portals. Two weeks go by and you have tons of submissions, but out of the tons of submissions you get the feeling that only one or two electricians are fit for the job. Sounds familiar? This is a very common pattern. And deadlines are chasing.

The costs associated with this form of employment are associated with a small financial outlay that can be incurred for employing new employees. You did it on your own, and if you used an advertisement by a popular portal, you paid from 200 to 500 PLN for this advertisement. These are, of course, not the only costs you have incurred. After all, you had to take the time to do this, meet with each candidate, talk to them, and then re-examine all CVs to decide which electrician to hire.

The recruitment agency will find an electrician

Another way is to hire an electrician through an employment agency. It is they who start the whole process, advertise on portals, search for and meet electricians. They talk to them and decide which will be the best. The cost of this form of employment of an electrician is often even triple the employee’s salary, at best for only one month. After the agency selects suitable candidates, you receive a list of electricians. Later, you spend time with them in meetings and decide to select two candidates. You have incurred costs ranging from PLN 4,000 to even PLN 12,000. Additionally, you lost at least 3 weeks and maybe even 4 weeks to hire these electricians.

Regardless of what form you choose, you waste a lot of time hiring new electricians. Remember that you still need to equip them with basic tools and clothing, which increases employment costs.

Are you sure you will manage to finish the order on time? Maybe it will still work, if you found out in time, then yes. When there is no time left, doing so can lead to more harm than help avoid penalties imposed by not completing an assignment on time. In addition, after the end of the contract, you will no longer need the newly hired electricians for further activities, because you simply do not have a job for them.

Wynajmij elektryka na godziny

However, you have chosen one of these paths. You hired two electricians, you incurred the aforementioned costs with hiring them. You introduce them to the company, send them to the place of order, the month passes and …

Well, it turned out that you chose wrong, that the employee did not fulfill his promises, with his knowledge and skills. Before he implemented your procedures, it turned out that the deadlines had passed and the newly recruited employee did not have the appropriate competences and only harmed your order. This resulted in the imposition of contractual penalties, from which you tried to protect yourself by hiring new electricians to the company to save the contract date. This is the situation of many companies that have tried to help themselves.


However, many companies have already understood what I wrote above and are using our electric brigade rental service by the hour. Thanks to this solution, companies are able to introduce a new electric brigade on their behalf within one week. We support them with our knowledge and experience in completing the order on time. So what would it look like with our service?

You contact us by e-mail or by phone. We set the terms of cooperation, sign a contract, and on the following Monday, our qualified team of electricians will arrive at the place of order, fully equipped with the basic tools of an electrician and power tools.

The cost of such a rental depends on how long you will need our brigade and how far the order will be carried out. Your only cost is the number of hours worked by our electric team on your order. We settle the hours and take responsibility for the work we have done.

You already know why more and more companies are starting to use our service. Check for yourself how easy it is to start working with us!

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