Do you have a problem with employees? Are they sick? Need a vacation? And you are chased by deadlines and heavy fines? If you know these situations, you know that it is not easy and that is why we have created an electric brigade service for rent. Thanks to this service, you will finish your order on time.

Electric Brigade For Hours is a service created just for you! We are not an employment agency but an ordinary company that is responsible for its projects. You will not stay on the ice. Additionally, our employees have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to carry out your electrical industrial orders.

What are the benefits of using the service: Electric Brigade For Hours?

  • you do not have to worry about holidays, sick leave, reporting the employee to ZUS and then deregistering him,
  • short, simple and uncomplicated cooperation agreement,
  • payment up to 30 days from the date of issuing a VAT invoice,

Additionally, you save because you have no costs:

  • employees,
  • employee retention (clothes, basic equipment),
  • with power tools (purchase, service),
  • with scaffolding and ladders (purchase, service),
  • we are responsible for the mistakes made by our brigade,
  • directions
  • organizational (hotel, access, etc.)
Electric brigade for rent by hour
Electric brigade

Is it worth it? If you calculate how much it costs to hire a new employee, equip him with the necessary outfit, the necessary basic tools (screwdrivers, pliers, gloves, helmet, glasses, safety harness, etc.) and power tools, you will realize that it is better to hire a team of electricians from us and have peace of mind. The gains from this step are huge. Do I still have to convince you to this form of cooperation?

A simple accounting system, employees sign on our list every day with the time of arrival and departure from work, our foreman and someone delegated to this task supervises the entire settlement system. Thanks to that, we do not have abuses and problems with whether or not someone was actually at work for the declared number of hours. At the end of the month, on the basis of the approved time list, we issue a VAT invoice by the 5th day of the new month at the latest. Maximum period

We invite you to cooperation. Write to us now!

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